Are you one of the lucky few that hit the marriage jackpot? If you are, then your husband probably does all or most of the things on this list:

1. He says, “I love you” often
These are 3 simple and easy words but often go forgotten in many relationships and marriages. If you have a husband that often voices his feelings for you, it means he is very clear about how he feels and even better; he isn’t scared to communicate how he feels.

2. He loves his mom
His mother was the first woman in his life, the one he lived with and loved as well. If he loves and respects his mother, that’s a sign that he will treat you with respect and love as well.

3. He still flirts with you
If he still flirts with you, it’s a clear sign that he still feels very much young at heart with his love for you. If he does those things that make you smile when you are alone, then you have a happy marriage.

4. He puts you before anyone else (including himself)
He shouldn’t look back after committing himself to you. No one should matter (himself included) more than you. He’ll make himself available to you unconditionally.

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5. He makes mundane tasks fun
You might have heard some of your friends say things like their husband makes their life a lot easier. Now that you have yours, you now understand what they mean. If you enjoy doing things like washing dishes or walking the dog together, then you have won the marriage game.